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History of Paris begins at 55 BC when Romans conquered a small fisherman village in the small island il de la Site. The Gauls were living in a beautiful place surrounded by water and many Romans settled there as well as the left riverside of river Seine. Later or French followed on Romans named the city "Paris" and made it the Capital of their kingdom. During middle ages Paris became a significant religious and spiritual center and major architectural wonders were built. Paris at this time was also an educational and learning center so many students and men of letters moved to Paris Sorbonne University. During Renaissance and Enlightenment ages Paris became a great culture center with rich and power.

The end of Monarchy came in 1789 with the famous French Evolution and the power moved to the people. In the next era Napoleon Bonaparte declared himself emperor of France and he had the ambitious to make Paris the center of the world. After the evolution in 1848 started a new reformation town-planning of Paris where small houses in degraded districts of Paris demolished and Paris road network was build. By the end of the century Paris was the moving force of the west civilization. In the 20th century Paris stayed in the top with a small interrupt the years between 1940 and 1944 when Germany took over. After the end of the world war Paris revived and expanded spectacularly. Today Paris is the Capital of France and the heart of the European Union.

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